The Multitherapy Proaction Clinic offers the services of screening, assessment and intervention in:

  • Speech-language therapy
  • Psychoeducation
  • Occupational therapy
  • Psychology

for clients of all ages

  • Children
  • Adolescents
  • Adults
  • Families/parents
  • Private and Public Organizations: schools, daycare centres, CNESST

Our personalized services are available all under one roof and may be combined according to the specific needs of clients and their families, as part of our uniquely holistic approach. Thus, if need be, internal referrals can be made within the Clinic itself; that is to say, a patient may be followed and treated by several professionals on our team (in the case of more complex situations, for example.) Please note that you may register at the Clinic directly, without the need for a medical referral.

Our team of health professionals actively works with public or private schools as well as daycare centres. Our goal is to facilitate access to necessary therapy and care and to offer ongoing support and training to parents, educators and teachers.

Our dynamic and competent multidisciplinary team specializes in helping individuals with developmental or acquired problems that affect the various functions or aspects of development: language-related, motor, cognitive, emotional, behavioural and/or social.

Languages: We offer services in French, English, Spanish, Arabic, Greek, Bulgarian, Korean, Russian, Italian, Creole or Hebrew, depending on the problem and age of the patient.

Environment: For the most part, our services are offered at the Clinic although, in certain cases, home visits may be provided at well. Some members of our team also offer services in daycare centres or within the school environment so as to facilitate access to necessary therapy and care and to offer ongoing support and training to parents and teachers.

Methods: Assessment and follow-up are offered on an individual basis. Individual follow-up may also take the form of video-conferencing. Ask your health professional for more details. In addition, all our clients have access to an electronic web portal containing all documents and information pertaining to them or to their child (assessment reports, progress reports, activities, advice, and so on.) Furthermore, we offer a telephone consultation service in order to help direct clients toward the appropriate complementary services, whenever necessary. We also provide training activities for parents, teachers, or daycare educators. Do get in touch with us to find out more!

Receipts are issued to private insurance companies, which normally reimburse the fees for consultation services offered by most of our health professionals, in whole or in part. Ask your insurance company or the Human Resources department at your workplace. Whatever consultation fees are not eligible for reimbursement by a private insurer may be declared as a medical expense in your annual tax return and claimed as a deduction provincially.