The health professionals at the Multitherapy Proaction Clinic favour a personal and family-based approach in order to best respond to the needs of patients. The collaboration of immediate family members, which is an important source of information, is also essential to the success of the therapy. Our goal, therefore, is to transform whatever gains are made into the routine habits of daily life. For this, we provide clients with material and advice on transferring the learning and skills acquired at the Clinic to the home environment.

Furthermore, we make every effort to ensure a complementary range of interventions by working in close collaboration with other interveners and professionals, all centred on the needs of the patient (daycare educator, teachers, and so on.)

Our multidisciplinary approach also helps us to form an overall assessment of the individual, thereby maximizing his/her prospects for rehabilitation. Our team includes speech-language therapists, occupational therapists, special education teachers/specialists, psychoeducators and psychologists. Thus, the Multitherapy Proaction Clinic provides a unique, all-in-one centre combining the high-quality services of diverse professionals trained in rehabilitation. Appointments can be arranged, as required, to accommodate the whole family.

Our team bases its professional practice on sound, conclusive data, while consistently updating its knowledge and expertise through a program of professional development.

In addition, our modern resource center is stocked with books, games, learning tools and up-to-date software. With the younger clientele, our professionals base their methods of intervention on games, while focusing on play. For children and adolescents, this is an essential activity that helps them to develop general, intellectual, emotional, psychomotor and social skills; furthermore, it boosts their motivation and pleasure in learning, while developing their creativity and problem-solving ability.

In short, our method and approach combine learning with pleasure, all within an atmosphere that is relaxed, stimulating and fun!

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