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Recover your autonomy with our occupational therapy clinic in Montréal

Take advantage of a solution tailored to developmental disorders and integration issues

Each child has his own unique pace and takes the necessary time to go through the different stages of his normal development.

However, it’s essential to detect the warning signs of developmental disorders and problems related to coping skills early on.

Whether it’s for prevention, stimulation, rehabilitation, or compensation, occupational therapy sessions at Clinique Proaction help the child regain a satisfactory quality of life.

The occupational therapists at Clinique Proaction treat all sorts of adjustment disorders in children, teenagers, and adults.

When should occupational therapy take place and what is the role of the occupational therapist?

  • Monitoring motor development: Does the child stay seated alone, can he turn from his back onto his stomach, hold an object, cut with scissors, etc.?
  • Monitoring sensory development: Is the child comfortable exploring his environment with all his senses?
  • Stimulating cognitive development: facilitating learning, repeating simple gestures to be imitated;

The occupational therapist also works in close collaboration with the psychologist and the speech-language pathologist to:

  • Develop the emotions: promote interactions with his surrounding;
  • Improve relationships: manage anger, avoid isolation;
  • Enrich language: make the child’s first words intelligible, correct the little defects in expression

Why rely on Clinique Proaction?

Some of the problems we treat in preschool and school-aged children, teenagers, and adults include:

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