Speech-Language Therapy is a vast field encompassing all that relates, directly or indirectly, to human communication.


The speech-language therapist is the health professional concerned with problems of human communication that require prevention, evaluation, screening and clinical intervention. He/she works with individuals of all ages presenting difficulties in speech (pronunciation, stuttering, dysarthria, etc.), voice (voice disorders, laryngectomy, etc.), language (developmental language disorder (DLD), dyslexia, aphasia, autism, head injury, dementia, etc.), oropharyngeal function (dysphagia, tongue thrust, etc.) or a language delay, whether or not associated with a deficiency. A speech-language therapist can also help in modifying native accents. He/she teaches clients—and their families—strategies and methods to improve communication, while also making appropriate referrals to relevant professionals whenever necessary. The goal of the speech-language therapist is to facilitate social, educational and professional integration, while encouraging the individual toward social interaction. The therapist is equally keen to promote sound communication practices and prevent communication problems.

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13-17ans1Below is a list of disabilities/disorders that we treat in pre-school and school-age children, adolescents and adults. Click on the links to learn more.

  • Language Delay
  • Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) (before known as Specific Language Impairment (SLI))
  • Childhood Apraxia of Speech
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)
  • Stuttering
  • Voice Disorders
  • Reading and Writing Disorders (dyslexia, dysorthography)
  • Dyscalculia
  • Speech-Sound Disorders, Lisp
  • Swallowing Disorders
  • Aphasia
  • Modification of Native Accents
  • “Our child has been attending Clinique Proaction for almost 9 months. We have appreciated Heba Kalakeche’s honesty, encouragement and continuous efforts to help our child reach his goals. Her ability to teach speech therapy in both English & French languages was a plus factor for our child. We thank you sincerely.”

  • "Thanks to the whole team for the warm welcome . You knew how to calm my anxieties as a Mom! We all wish the lives of our children to be simple and and stress-free, though this is not always reality. It is sometimes very difficult to foresee the future, but thanks to you I can relax and put trust in your amazing team.

  • When we initially contacted the clinic they were very thorough and requested copies of all his medical reports as well as previous speech therapy evaluations.  Heba was punctual and prepared for every session.  She exhibited tremendous patience and skill when working through the exercises with [our son] Matteo. Heba took the time to inform herself about what was going in Matteo’s life and trained us on how best to work on developing his speech at home. Overall we were extremely pleased with the clinic and the expertise of Heba.”