All staff members serving at the Multitherapy Proaction Clinic adhere to the values of professional ethics, ongoing professional development, leadership, a multidisciplinary and family-based approach, innovation, compassion, respect, and commitment to offering high-quality personalized services to the public.

The members of our multidisciplinary team commit to:

  • Exercise their profession within the bounds of their field of competency, given their level of study, training and experience acquired.
  • Work in close collaboration so as to facilitate both a multidisciplinary and personalized approach.
  • Seek to maintain and increase their level of competency through ongoing professional development.
  • Provide professional services and information based on current advances in scientific and professional research.
  • Inform the patient about the services or range of treatments proposed to redress a problem.
  • Respect appointments in a punctual manner.
  • Provide a realistic estimate for wait-times.
  • Be honest and transparent with clients.
  • Provide their clientele with the recommended resources (for example, referral to a professional, an agency, organization or rehabilitation centre) where they may receive support or follow-up.
  • Provide their clientele with resources and advice, enabling them to consolidate at home the skills acquired at the Clinic (suggestions for material and activities, lists of web sites relevant to the specific disorder, and so on.)
  • Be available to communicate with other interveners in support of the patient (daycare educator, teacher, and so on) so as to ensure complementary and co-ordinated interventions.

Furthermore, all services are available under one roof at our strategically placed site (a few minutes walk from Metro Du Collège, adjacent to Autoroutes 15, 40 and 117, with ample exterior parking space.)

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