Our child has been attending Clinique Proaction for almost 9 months. We have appreciated Heba Kalakeche’s honesty, encouragement and continuous efforts to help our child reach his goals. Her ability to teach speech therapy in both English & French languages was a plus factor for our child. We thank you sincerely.”

Our son Matteo started speech therapy sessions at the clinic in September 2012.  His therapist was Heba Kalakeche.  Matteo saw her every two weeks for a one hour session. When we initially contacted the clinic they were very thorough and requested copies of all his medical reports as well as previous speech therapy evaluations.  Heba was punctual and prepared for every session.  She exhibited tremendous patience and skill when working through the exercises with Matteo. Heba took the time to inform herself about what was going in Matteo’s life and trained us on how best to work on developing his speech at home.  For example, Heba talked to Matteo’s teacher to discuss his progress and how to help him in school. As well, Heba suggested exercises at home between appointments and followed up with an email detailing the exercises. Overall we were extremely pleased with the clinic and the expertise of Heba.”

I have been having a great experience with Dra. Tupula. She is very patient and my son likes her a lot. He loves going to his sessions. We have seen improvement verbally and socially.”

My son has been going there on and off for 2 years now, (he was in kindergarten and now in grade 2) and I am pleased with the progress he has made. He was more unfocused when he first started, but after a while his participation improved and he started enjoying the activities planned for him! He enjoys going to his session. The therapy provided us good ideas & tools so we can practice at home.

Amazing people and great services. We’ve seen a lot of progress.

“Very nice experience at the clinic! Totally recommend it! The receptionist Olga always says Hi and the therapist Agathe Tupula is the best. She’s very professional and she listens to you in order to get the best approach through all the therapy. I’m personally very satisfied with the results. Agathe is well prepared and she always answers your questions. It’s good to know that there are reliable professional out there!”

“Since I visit the clinic, I saw an important improve in my son behavior, also he likes to return to visit the clinic every week, that tell me they doing a good job. So far this is a very good option if you need a very good team to help your son’s needs.”

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